A Comparison of Several Websites of Dragon Ball Z

When I believe of cartoons, I believe of Dragon Ball Z. dragon Ball Z can be an Anime

series from Japan, presently airing on cartoon Network. When I received this assignment I

knew what I needed to do, check out Dragon Ball Z sites, and do some compare.

The sites I visited will be blackgoku.com ( Da African american GokuВ’s Dragon Ball Z Collection),

dbzn.rpgn.com ( DBZ Network), and dragonballz.fanshots.com (ScottyВ’s Dragon Ball

Information Site). Many of these sites had simply the same information, but were

presented differently.

The first site I visited was Da Dark gokuВ’s Dragon Ball Z Collection, I liked what

I noticed hear. I been visiting this site for some time as well. Of the three sites I visited, this one

was the most visual appealing site if you ask me. Even though the backdrop of the printout is

white, the siteВ’s actual background is dark-colored. With the crimson letters, and a black background,

this site is actually easy to check out. Another visual appealing feature to the site are the

images of the Dragon Ball Z character types on the heading. Many of these images flow good