A Critique of Kruger's Photography Style

Kruger’s work best meets into interpretive photograph. By giving her photograph’s original context info, Kruger informs the viewers that she targeted her work around “Surveillance” and that she put her feminist view in to the photograph showing the negativity in the lifestyle. Knowing its classic context, her viewers then figure out how to appreciate and appreciate Kruger’s intent of her work. Her communication is “Surveillance can be your busywork” since it is in big printing with a reddish border. Kruger determined those thoughts and placed them in those certain location intentionally in order that her message is clear. She really wants to persuade her visitors to see her point of view of the world. Nevertheless, although her communication is loud and distinct, the meaning within her concept differs and shifts according to each individual who sights the photograph, which present her are interpretive photograph.

Moreover, she used exterior contexts by positioning the same work in various settings for different sets of people. Using this method, the meaning distinctively and substantially differs and shifts as the different viewers bring distinct experience and perspectives to the photograph. Thus, inserting the photograph in several environments may bring different and exceptional meanings. From persons to specific sets of people, everyone includes a different experience and interpretations of the photograph. For instance, my personal interpretation is usually that I am staying viewed and speculated by my professors, friends, family, culture, as well as perhaps the government to be well-mannered, permitted, and the “best.”

Moreover, I am the main one also watching and