An Analysis of Computer system Interaction

Research question:

1. Does computer conversation negatively affect young adults socially?

2. What result does Facebook own on the educational achievement of the school goers?

Null hypothesis:

1. Computer interaction negatively influences most teenagers socially.

2. Facebook doesn't have any influence on academic achievement of school goers using it.

Alternative hypothesis:

1. Despite the fact that computer interaction negative influences teenagers socially, some characteristics remain unchanged.

2. School goers who work with Facebook could have low academic performance.

The answers for the above research question could be elucidated through the use of appropriate quantitative research methods and various designs. In this research a genuine experimental and quasi-experimental analysis methods were used to acquire data from the populace in consideration while the research patterns used are single-subject matter and pre-experimental. A researcher's purpose in quantitative exploration is to determine the marriage between a dependent and an unbiased variable within a given population. The study designs in quantitative exploration are either experimental or descriptive in a way that the subjects are often measured before and once they have already been treated, or the topics are measured once respectively (Jackson, 2007). Through meta-analysis, researchers have discovered that the introduction of net broadband has encouraged most young adults to be very near computers as they have been enrolled in Facebook, Email and twitter (Collier, 2010).