An Ethnography Exploration Proposal: Conducting Study at the Palisades Mall

On 20 November 2016 I am conducting an unobtrusive ethnography at the Palisades mall to meet up certain requirements of PL371 school. I intend to protect my anonymity as a researcher by conducting all observations in civilian clothing, instead of in cadet uniform. I plan on visiting various stores, performing as a shopper, and observing the attributes of the buyers. All notes will be produced from the observation site, once again so that they can maintain anonymity as a researcher and remove any unnatural changes of behavior by the topics because of the Hawthorne effect. All observations will be examined and codified right after the completion of the discipline research as practical and used to remedy the following research questions: Total, are there more female or male consumers in the mall? Is there certain retailers whose patrons are mostly an individual race? Is multiculturalism observed in the mall through observable diversity in its patrons?

My hypothesis, so that they can answer these research problems is: The majority of shoppers seen in the mall will become female. Certain stores will show developments of racial homogeneity within their patrons while others won't. I expect larger shops with a far more varied range of products (for instance MacyРІР‚в„ўs etc.) to have significantly more varied customers. I expect that plainly identifiable cultural organizations will be observed among the shoppers.

My study will address the sociological idea of gender socialization, particularly the way the culturally accepted