An Research of the Election of Nineteen Fifty Six in United States

The election of 1956, 48 states had been in the union in those days and

Dwight Eisenhower was president. Despite the fact that Eisenhower had

not made and major changes during his earliest term he was nonetheless the

publics for choice for another election. In a poll used 1954,

65% of People in america had approved of the work he was undertaking. Some

critics reflected his as lazy. Expressing he alternatively be golfing, one of is own

own speech writers once defined his as an В“oafВ”. But under no circumstances the

less he was unanimously nominated for the Republican ticket in

1956 along with Richard Nixon for vice president, who received with

457 electoral votes and 57.6% of the favorite vote. For the

Democrats Adlai E. Stevensons was anomously nominated and

excepted the nomination. This advertising campaign was received of the calmest

in American history, for the same prospects ran in the election of

1952. Not many persons thought the democrats also had a

chance against Eisenhower. at a picnic at EisenhowersР’' farm