TV 5 is currently one of the most competitive television channels in the Korea; providing top quality programs of entertainment and information, and finding its way to be on top like the two big networks: ABS-CBN and GMA. It surprises the viewers continuously with the network's superstar studded reveals, as a matter of fact a whole lot of superstars from the two mentioned big networks appear to use TV SET 5 as their fallback place. Truly, it can be opening a major passage way of opportunities and a very good venue pertaining to exposure, getting shown about T. V. makes a large amount of difference pertaining to the people at the moment.

" Exposure”, this is exactly what television systems like TELEVISION SET 5 is providing; the limelight is directed at you, you are given the chance to prove and show yourself off. But the big issue here is not just the acceptance or popularity you could be increasing, it is the pure fact that " Too much exposure will in some way do no real at all”.

The Alternative Class Learning Experience or the ACLE conducted last August 25, has supplied a lot of choices for the students to enrich their particular awareness and knowledge of the things that seem to be disregarded, sugar-coated or hidden- the items and problems that deserve to be uncovered and pondered. I chose to attend the Broadcast Associations' (BroadAss) forum/debate on TV 5's controversial demonstrate, Face to Face with all the theme " Sawsawan mhh! ”. This can be a really regular issue and extremely much appropriate to discuss specifically for students like me who works on to be a upcoming media practitioner.

The controversy was exactly about the issues that Face to Face is usually encountering at the moment and the a large number of criticisms staying thrown to it, it was facilitated by BroadAss people and the debaters were the members of the Debate World. It was absolutely interesting, the debate was heated up every single second; of course there are two attributes, one side approves that and the different vehemently rejects it.

They have increased a lot of issues relating to Face to Face and i also myself have already been...


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