Executive Summary: Education pertaining to Recovery Area Nurses on the Topic of Diverticular Disease Dina Gibson

Grand Encolure University: NRS-415V

November 15, 2013

Executive Brief summary: Education for Recovery Room Nurses around the Topic of Diverticular Disease We while nurses have got a common aim of educating the people that we maintain and teaching them in more detail about disease management and prevention. Diverticular disease is definitely characterized by small pouches in the colon. Many people do not demonstrate symptoms, but some will have gentle symptoms just like cramps, bloating or constipation. If the pouches become painful or attacked, they develop into a condition called diverticulitis. The most frequent symptom is usually abdominal soreness usually kept sided, accompanied by fever, chills, nausea, cramps and congestion. In very serious cases, this can lead to bleeding, holes and intestinal tract blockages that might require hospitalization. It is believed that the reason for Diverticulosis is usually many years of a diet plan that has not been adequate in fiber intake. Since people do not always exhibit symptoms, it is often diagnosed during a routine colonoscopy. The goal of this paper is to devise a plan of education for the restoration room personnel to teach patients how to deal with Diverticular Disease, and the basics of a high fiber diet. (www.ucsfhealth.org)

Target Population and Audience

The target target audience that Diverticulosis education is intended for is the patients which have procedures inside the Endoscopy selection, and the recovery room nurses that are in charge of their care. Education is known as a valuable source. Recovery room nurses have the unique opportunity to be able to give patient education and answer questions that the affected person may have got. Many times folks are unaware they have this condition which is diagnosed throughout their endoscopy process. If the nurse is experienced in the subject material, they will be able to provide this kind of basic details which may...

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