Caricom- Caribbean Community and Common Market

The formation of Caricom came about when the initial four countries' governments noticed the need for a great integration of its users and economies, and the creation of a prevalent market.

If the West American indian Federation came to an end in 1962, Caricom began as a means of regional incorporation. The West Indian Federation was a personal union and consisted of eight countries- which are now claims of Caricom- with the exception of Belize, The Bahamas and Guyana. The ending of the Federation intended the beginning of more severe efforts on the part of all Carribbean leaders to excercise the existing ties among them by giving opportunities pertaining to the continuation and keeping the areas of co-operation.

Thinking about Caricom was proposed by Government of Trinidad and Tobago when it announced its withdrawal from the West American indian Federation. Hence, the first Heads of Government Conference was summoned by the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago. This meeting was joined by the market leaders of Barbados, British Guiana, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago. These types of four countries agreed that there was a great immense necessitate for deeper co-operation inside the Caribbean place. At the eighth Heads of Government Conference in Georgetown, Guyana in Apr 1973, the decision to establish Caricom was certified with the signing of the Georgetown Accord. Caricom was finally established upon July '04, 1973 with all the signing of the Treaty of Chaguaramas. This kind of treaty was signed by the Heads of presidency of Barbados- Mr. Errol Barrow, Guyana- Mr. Forbes Burnham, Jamaica- Mr. Eileen Manley and Trinidad and Tobago- Dr . Eric Williams. After many years of existence, Caricom has expanded to twelve to fifteen members of state.

Associates of Express of Caricom

Identity of Country| Capital City| Name of Head of State| Mind of Government | Date of Membership| Antigua And Barbuda| St . John's| Dame Louise Agnetha Lake-Tack, Governor-General| Winston Baldwin...


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