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Established by Lalu Shay and George Patton on May you, 1993, Bear Creek Golf Range was to be a professional golf selection whose aim was to " establish a picture as the ‘professional golfing center', manage by specialists. ” The corporation emphasis was on their ability to present top quality teaching and in order to experienced significant golfers. Additionally, it hoped to supply its golf players with outstanding amenities that could have established by itself as an upscale service far above average facilities. Sadly, Bear Creek experienced some financial issues early in the development which usually prevented that from reaching its first plans. These issues along with a nothing else issues prevented Bear Creek from obtaining its desired usage rate of 33% and still left it attempting to operate by a disappointing usage price of 20%. KEY TROUBLE:

Although Bear Creek continues to be able to establish alone as a professional golfing selection which suits serious golf players, it nonetheless faces various challenges which will impact you can actually future success. The most significant concern which the company faces can be its low usage price of 20%. Bear Creek's inability to capture its fair share of the golfing business provides resulted in the disappointing charge. Bear Creek's 20% utilization rate rates it previous when compared to the major rivals: Greenbrier at 35%, Golfarama at 33%, and two other discount golfing amounts each for 25%. In calculating Carry Creek's breakeven point it had been determined that Bear Creek would need to reach a utilization rate of 33% which is equivalent to the average daily level of 105 customers. All of this leads to the question, " How much does Bear Creek need to do to boost its 20% usage rate to a stage where its future profitability has ceased to be in doubt? ” SWOT EVALUATION:


п‚· Dan Shay's PGA Standing

п‚· Individual/Group lessons provided by PGA Pro

п‚· Top class greens, fairways, and striking areas



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