Kristen Wingert

Chaucer Essay Evaluation

English 205

14 Might 2013

The Monk

Commonly a Monk spends his days in a Monastery studying, praying, and working hard intended for the greater great. The Monk in " The General Prologue” to The Canterbury Tales is almost just the opposing. He is incredibly defiant and wishes to rule his own life and live the way he wants too. Chaucer, the narrator inside the Canterbury Stories, does a fantastic job in highlighting many of these defiant features of the Monk.

The Monk is certainly more concerned about the luxurious delights of your life than he can about becoming a Monk. He acts just like he is in the upper class, could be because he desires to be. Depending on his presence, one would always be puzzled regarding if he really had been a Monk or not really. " I saw his masturbator sleeves were made with fur with the hand/With great grey fur, the finest inside the land; ” (193-194), generally Monks robes are ordinary, and dull and not attention grabbing. He seems to want all the fine issues in life no matter the consequences. Monks are modest, noble persons. They more than likely want a thing killed for his or her sole enjoyment. Especially as a flashy update to their dresses. " Also to fasten his hood underneath his chin, /he created from wrought-gold a curious pin; /” (196-197), this appears to be another showy accessory. The majority of Monks have a rosary hanging from other necks to signify all their religiousness. It almost seems like this Monk doesn't really care as a Monk, or at least doesn't want to highlight it together with his appearance.

The Monk regulation breaking doesn't stop with appearance, this individual doesn't act like a typical Monk either. Monks are modest, hard-working humanitarians. This Monk on the other hand seems to do his on issue. " Since riding plus the hunting with the hare/were almost all his take pleasure in, for at no cost would he spare” (191-192), Monks usually do not hunt for delight. Monks usually do not believe in delivering harm to nearly anything. The Monk in The Canterbury Tales appears to want to hunt and puts it previously mentioned his responsibilities as a Monk. He understands he is...


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