WBC headquarters in Sydney

Established in Sydney in 1817, the Bank of recent South Wales (BNSW) was the first bank in Australia with Edward Jones Hall as its first cashier and admin.[3] During the 19th and early 20th 100 years, the Bank exposed branches initial throughout Down under and Oceania, at Moreton Bay (Brisbane) in 1850, then in Victoria (1851), New Zealand (1861), South Australia (1877), Western Down under (1883), Fiji (1901), Papua New Guinea (1910) and Tasmania (1910). 1927: BNSW acquired the Western Australian Bank.

1931: BNSW bought the Australian Bank of Commerce, which had branches in both equally New South Wales and Queensland. 1942: BNSW revoked operations in Papua Fresh Guinea because the Japanese Military captured many of the towns in which it had branches and agencies, and bombed Port Moresby. It resumed operations in 1946. 1968: BNSW ties Databank Systems Limited holding to provide joint data finalizing services. 1970: BNSW proven a department on Tarawa in Kiribati (ex-Gilbert Islands), which also took over the government savings bank. Also, the business first became listed upon 18 Come july 1st 1970. year 1971: It founded a part in the Fresh Hebrides. The next year HSBC and Business Bank of Australia (see below) likewise established divisions. 1973: BNSW became the corporate sponsor in the Rescue Heli-copter service started by Browse Life Saving Australia. The service is well known today because the Westpac Life Saver Relief Helicopter Service 1974: The Bank of New Zealand (20%), BNSW (20%), Lender of Hawaii (20%), as well as the Government of Tonga (40%) established Traditional bank of Tonga as a partnership. 1975: BNSW incorporated their local business in Papua New Guinea as Lender of New Southern region Wales(PNG). 1977: BNSW created Pacific Commercial Bank in Samoa like a joint venture with Bank of Hawaii, buying into Pacific Savings and Loan Company (est. 1969), in which Bank of Hawaii got had an control interest as 1971. Westpac is formed


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