Talk about the biological approach in psychology. Label at least one other way in your solution. (12 marks) The natural approach focuses on both the physiological and major aspects which usually explain individual behaviour. The causal degree of analysis features physiological explanations, such as the effect of nerves and hormones upon behaviour. According to biological psychologists, conduct is regulated by the nervous system, which involves the central nervous system (the head and the spine cord) as well as the peripheral anxious system (the surrounding nerves), which on its own includes the autonomic worried system that controls computerized processes including heart rate plus the fight or flight problem. Within the nervous system, neurons communicate with each other via mailing chemical impulses, neurotransmitters, throughout synapses. Biopsychologists believe that these chemical processes in the mind directly impact human behaviour. Too much or too little of those chemicals can lead to over-activity or under-activity in a variety of parts of the mind; this alters thoughts, emotions and behaviour. For example , a link has been built between abnormal dopaminergic activity in the mind and the prevalence of schizophrenia. Pearlson ain al (1993) used Positron Emission Tomography (PET) tests and found a considerable increase in D2 receptors in patients with schizophrenia. Seeman et 's (1993) likewise used PET scans, locating six moments the denseness of D4 receptors in the brains of schizophrenic people. A restriction of this sort of studies is a idea of trigger and impact; for example , it can be unclear perhaps the increase in dopamine receptors causes schizophrenia or is a result of the neuroleptic drugs taken. Yet, Pearlson's study was carried out on people who had not been encountered with neuroleptic prescription drugs, which as a result rules out cause and effect. Neuroimaging studies are able to study the structure and functioning with the brain, and possess the advantage of getting noninvasive. Experts have shown how behaviour could be affected by distinct levels of sexual hormones, for example increased testo-sterone has been linked to aggression and increased risk-taking. In forensic psychology, Eysenck's theory with the criminal personality suggested that individuals who hurt are at the top of the expansion dimension and seek frequent stimulation and autonomic arousal from their environment. These individuals are also said to be at the top of the neuroticism dimension, with high anxiousness levels and an emotionally unstable central nervous system. Their stressed system responds strongly to aversive stimuli and, consequently, these individuals cannot effectively master socially appropriate behaviours. Eysenck's theory is usually criticised to get inconsistencies between criminal activity and expansion. Zuckerman (1969) also contended that environmental stimulation could possibly be sought because of boredom, where there is improved arousal. Behaviourists also stress the function of the environment as a determining factor of behaviour inside the nature versus nurture issue. The behaviourist approach claims that all individuals are born with ‘blank slates' (tabula rasa), with actions being discovered through the technique of conditioning, past experiences and the environment. With regards to the forensic psychology topic, neo-behaviourists believe criminal behaviour is learned by noticing and imitating the conduct of role models in the environment, e. g. peers, celebrities, novel characters. The imitation of aggressive behaviour is most obviously shown in studies done by Bandura et ing (1963), in which children whom observed models performing extreme acts over a Bobo doll later viewed this same behavior. However this kind of experiment is criticised if you are open to demand characteristics so the children recognized what was anticipated of them, which in turn confounded the results (Cumberbatch, 1992). In contrast, the functional level of analysis focuses on major and innate theories of behaviour. In...


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