Humanity continues to be progressing ever since men have harnessed the gifts of nature: fire, wind flow, electricity, normal water, among others. Open fire had been applied since early on humans ruled the land to keep all of them warm at night and defend them via wild and dangerous animals. Modern human beings who have the cabability to think effectively have controlled the power of the wind in travel and even in making energy. And electricity have been used to switch on every equipment used in distinct human activities.

However , you will still find a lot of things in nature the humans had not fully comprehended and had not enjoyed. Rather, these things experienced brought tragedy and soreness to every person. These are the natural calamities that our mother nature had brought upon all of us: foods, earthquakes, cyclones and many more.

One of the countries that were devastated by the difficulty of nature is Haiti when a 7. 0 degree quake about January doze, 2010 ruined its urban centers, ravaged buildings, streets and houses, and took the lives of over 220, 000 persons on. This kind of causes a whole lot of sufferings to the remainders especially that they had drop their source of living. 6 weeks later, an 8. almost 8 magnitude earthquake struck Southern region American land leaving a good swath in the country in smoky rubble and eliminating hundreds of persons on the first reach. But , as opposed to the go pitapat that ravaged Haiti, the earthquake in Chile is usually far less intensive because of the strict building safety measures put in place following your previous disastrous earthquakes had been experienced. Another nature- built turbulence is a cyclone. One of the most devastating cyclones ever recorded was the Cyclone Nargis which in turn hits Burma on May 2, 2008 in which 138, 1000 fatalities had been recorded.

These disasters that befall upon humanity is a proof that nature's wrath is definitely inevitable. Though humans have already altered the eye of this world through the developments of many different electronic and mechanical gizmos among additional else, nature still controls the fortune of...


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