Restaurant in China and tiawan

Audience: people who are interested in eating but do not distinguish different types of restaurants Purpose: To inform—the classification of restaurant

Thesis: Chinese people classify eating places into junk food restaurants, Chinese food restaurants, and eating places with other countries' styles, as a result of tastes of foods, the function of restaurants as well as the cooking strategies of foods. I. Introduction

A. Get focus: In current society, diet programs have become increasingly important in people's lifestyle. B. Backdrop: To look after this trend, more and more kinds of restaurants come into people's sight to arouse attraction. C. Thesis— Chinese language people sort restaurants in fast food eating places, Chinese meals restaurants, and restaurants with other countries' designs, due to the tastes of food, the function of eating places and the cooking methods of food. D. Word introducing promoting topics:

1 . fast food eating places

installment payments on your Chinese foodstuff restaurants

3. eating places with other countries' styles

II. Support topic one particular: Fast food restaurants are those that offer food in a short time and customers need to serve themselves on their own there. A. Speedy service

N. Cheap

C. Easy to take out

Examples: McDonald's; KFC; French fries Hut

3. Support matter 2: China food restaurants are individuals offer Oriental traditional food with typical gastronomy. A. Much more delicious and suitable for Chinese

M. Good environment

C. Offer an enjoyable atmosphere for marriage feast or perhaps dining with each other IV. Support topic 3: Restaurants to countries' variations are those offer different types of foods that can come from every part of the world. A. Offer varieties kinds of elegant foods

W. Let consumer experience diverse culture and tastes

C. Own exceptional way of diets

V. Realization

A. It has been an preventable trend that most different kinds of restaurants will share the market for the particular highlights of each design of restaurant. B. With the improvement of...


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