To my personal beloved hubby,

My love for you will never perish, even if my figure does soon.

Duncan's has affected me using a force stronger than you could ever imagine. I feel my mind filling with the darkest of thoughts and I are unable to escape this kind of living nightmare. I must tell the world about what provides happened, by what we have performed. When I saw the bloody human body of an old man that was so like my dad, I could not really stop personally from sense guilt. Ever since then the image haunts me: the sensation of sense of guilt and remorse continuously increases. I just won't be able to take this any longer!

We both assumed that electric power would bring us glory, yet things usually are always because they seem. The guilt, the remorse the atrociousness of your acts features condemned us, both of us. Nothing but pure and ful fear is left! The happy couple we once were is gone, pure and innocent Macbeth is fully gone!

I suspect you have murdered Banquo. I actually dread to consider it was you who took his lifestyle. Did you become so window blind and misplaced within your electricity you could kill your dearest friend? I when believed you was as well full of the milk of human closeness, to make but 1 evil act. Yet, now you have become a power famished monster desperately seeking for joy.

I know times have been hard for you. Weight loss sleep well and often hallucinate. You must feel bad, but your desire for power is growing to an untameable state. There is no-one to help you any longer, no one nevertheless, you!

When I am absent please bear in mind me, always think of myself and honor me. I depart using a heavy heart, only wishing that you will be fine. All that is left to talk about is goodbye and if I'm going down to deal with the timeless fire as I believe Let me, I can only say: Let me see you in hell.

Your closest partner of greatness,

Lady Macbeth §


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