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Today I am going to illustrate the issues facing police departments in today's culture. This is something which everyone has with the police departments in different declares and how that they work out. Some of the police departments are facing from world today will be the corruption, on-the-job dangers, as well as the use of deadly force. The moment things like this happen and in addition they need to employ their electrical power you have the worry that someone will attempt to blame you for ethnic profiling and exposure to detrimental liability. Among the hardest items the police must do is provide a multicultural society. Modern society staying the most tough thing that face American law enforcement today. Police problem has been a thing that has been occurring for many years. If you have many representatives out there that will do all their jobs with the up many professionalism, you will discover officers in existence that think they can use their particular title to do think they will shouldn't be doing. For an example " 5 years ago, for example , Line Patrol Agent Oscar Antonio Ortiz pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy to smuggle extraterrestrials into the Usa (Schmalleger, 2011, p. 268)” Doing points the police are not supposed to do like this example offered is what provide police officers a poor name. I believe that this is a wonderful statement built that I believe is very true for all of the people around that believe in the authorities officers to help these groups with offences. " To get Policing to hit your objectives, and criminal offenses reduction work to be effective, individuals must have rely upon the police (Schmalleger, 2011, s. 273)” The on the job danger is something that everyone on the globe knows that law enforcement have to deal with every day. Police officers by no means know what they are often walking in at any time. In Washington Deb. C. there is a law enforcement memorial service wall that has names of 12, 561 law enforcement representatives that have been wiped out in the line of duty. Much more than 6, 500 officers identity have been included in that wall membrane since...


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