My own dear dad,

I was pleased to receive your affectionate page today. As you may asked me regarding my hostel life, thus i am peninng down a quick description about this.

The hostel life is entirely totally different from the community life, I actually enjoyed so far. Murree Army Hostel (my hostel) is definitely a good hostel. There are fifty-three rooms and two halls inside the hostel premises. I actually share the space with two other pupils. All the hostel in-mates live like siblings. We get dairy, bread and biscuits in 7: 40 am, the breakfast time. We are offered lunch by 12: 31 pm. The food served right here if refreshing and delightful. There is a catalogue in the hostel and a TV area also. We play games later in the day.

The hostel authorities consider us out for picnics each month. We have been to the Margala Slopes, Lower Topa, Faisal Mosque, etc .

Mr. Ahmed is definitely the warden of the hostel. This individual takes care of all our problems. He is very kind and supportive. I i am happy below and experiencing my hostel life.

Please convey my personal regards to Mother and love to every at home.

Your loving child,

X. Sumado a. Z.

Nowadays, I get out of bed early each day, go for a early morning walk and take physical exercises daily. My spouse and i also play games in the evening. I actually go to the college playground and play sports. I have started eating fresh green vegetables, fruits, etc on a regular basis. I drink milk daily at night. As such I am concerned about my health a lot. Soon you will notice marked improvement in my health. So don't worry. Make sure you convey my personal respect to Uncle and Aunt and love to Raju. Yours affectionately

S. Murthi


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