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Motion Calorie Indicator

(An investigatory job in Mechanics)

Presented by…

Group III – Fusion

Kristine Desire G. Circles

Tonylet Delfin

Edmark Maluping

Benerick Cudia

Jomari Cortejo

Russel Lansang

Cyril David Francisco

And presented to…

Prof. Tune Banga

Physics I Instructor


My spouse and i. Background in the Study

The researchers' purpose is to apply a few principles of Technicians that pertains to motion, while using principles of Electronics and test it is compatibility with one another. We have create a Motion Calorie Indicator because we have noticed that this is a help to people that is doing exercises with their physique figures. Undoubtedly that eating is a need to people, nevertheless we ignore that to do, as such, has also disadvantages. Sometimes, the food we all desire one of the most are food that contains High-calorie that will trigger too much body fat in our body system. If we are generally not aware or perhaps careful with the diet, there is a tendency more fats can enter our body. In that case, a lot of fat (specially, when a person is certainly not engage with an effective diet and exercise) is going to clog in to our problematic veins. If that happens, the blood moving through our veins will not likely flow very well through the channels.

" Food generates hormonal effects in the body. A lot of hormones state ‘Store that fat'; other folks say ‘build muscle. ' Study after study shows that diets based upon the same amount of Calories, although different proportions of fat, protein and carbohydrates, lead to different levels of weight loss. ” -Jonny Bowden

II. Declaration of Problem/Objectives

A. General Objectives

N. Specific Objective

III. Significance of the Study

IV. Range and Constraints

This task may be a huge help to most people nevertheless is also limited with a few. Not all people count number calories and besides, some are already aware about their diet intake. In this field,...



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