Wellness Assessment

Family well being assessment within a vital instrument that helps the family be aware of any problems concerning preparing and maintaining good health. The nurse plays an important function in evaluating the health of children with the use of the 11 Gordon's functional overall health patterns. The application of open ended questions allows the nurses to determine the present and earlier health express of a friends and family. Functional overall health patterns give a framework intended for the planning of care and health campaign (Flannigan & Jones, 2011). Using Gordon's functional overall health patterns, this paper will analyze data drawn from the family overall health assessment. The family picked have been married for a few years, this can be the second matrimony for the two members on this union.

Principles, Health Perception

Both husband and wife of the friends and family assessed will be 38 years old, both have heart problems and pre diabetes. They both take medication as prescribed for high cholesterol. Equally husband and wife received health education for diabetes from a diabetic instructor and doctor, preventing diabetes is very important to them. В They do not smoking or work with recreational prescription drugs or alcoholic beverages. They are in the Christian nondenominational faith and attend their religious institution regularly. On further discussion with this kind of family, they have each had an intentional weight loss of 45lbs. They contact their primary care physician for lab work just about every 6 months, and follow a weight loss and workout program to prevent the onset of diabetes. The is focused on restoring health and keeping wellbeing. Wellness diagnosis - Effective therapeutic regimen supervision, due to conformity with medication administration, shedding pounds program, and regular stick to ups with their primary attention physician (PCP) to screen progress of health improvement. Nutrition

This kind of family comes after a low carbohydrate, low sweets and zero fat diet. They get fish oil products, the wife also will take calcium with vitamin D. Their particular PCP is aware of the above counter medications they take. The husband cannot call to mind his diet for the past 24 hours but the better half keeps a foodstuff diary and was able to give her allnight diet call to mind. The friends and family follows a healthy diet plan to assist in keeping lipid disorders and blood vessels sugars manageable, and to aid weight routine service at while not having to mass index (BMI). This kind of family shares meal planning and food preparation. They may have an appointment having a nutritionists this week to assist these ideas for healthy and balanced meal planning and preparation. Wellbeing diagnosis - Readiness to improve nutritional metabolic pattern. This kind of family want to learn more regarding food diet to prevent the onset of diabetes. They fully grasp this is a lifelong maintenance system.


The sleep patterns of the family fluctuate. The husband reviews he does not have any trouble getting to sleep and quite often has 8-9 hours of uninterrupted sleeping. The better half reports this lady has difficulty drifting off to sleep, and only rests for 5-6 hours per night, waking by least twice during the night. The girl frequently seems the need to take a nap when the lady gets residence from job. The husband reported during this assessment that he has noticed his partner sometimes will take long breaks between deep breathing when your woman sleeps. She will follow up with her PCP soon. Nursing prognosis - rest pattern hindrance.


This family report usual daily intestinal function and normal urinary function, simply no bladder or bowel incontinence. They do not work with laxatives or over the table medications, and neither possess skin sores or available draining injuries. When the spouse left the space the better half reported that she has stress incontinence while exercising. She could notify her PCP during her scheduled appointment this week. Breastfeeding diagnosis – Altered urinary elimination as a result of stress incontinence. Activity/Exercise

This family have zero limitations with movement and don't require aiding devices pertaining to ambulation. That they both have health club memberships and exercise days a week....

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