Poetry are often used as remedy, they are a method to express thoughts or come up with what can not be said aloud. Often times, the writer writes regarding the subject out of encounter. The composition " Incredible Woman”, authored by a woman named Maya Angelou, proves the key to becoming beautiful will be confident. This will be made obvious by the demo of self confidence and appeal in the multiple literary devices in the poem. The use of imagery will also show that Maya's beauty and phenomenalism comes from her self-assurance and lastly, the tone makes the poem an encouraging speech for females and producing the author a mother number for females. To start with, for the duration of the poem, Cyber considers very little to be phenomenal and shows to be beautiful and desirable. In the poem, the author uses multiple literary devices just like metaphors, hyperboles and significance to do so. In the second stanza, Maya cites that when strolling into a room indifferently and men fall season to their legs. She uses the hyperbole to overstate the amazement men have on her and to show the effect her ‘power' offers over others without seeking. Also, inside the metaphor " they swarm around me personally, a beehive of darling bees” (Angelou, line nineteen and 20), she foi that males are drawn to her and surround her like bees swarm around their beehive. However , in the upcoming sentirse, Maya declares that it is the ‘fire in her eyes' that draws in men like honey bees. She uses the word ‘fire' as a image for drive and electrical power. Therefore , males are not just attracted to splendor; confidence and determination help to make a woman attractive. Additionally , the poem is definitely written in four stanzas which every contain several verses that put in data Maya's physical differences coming from ‘skinny models', her encounter in womanhood, the willpower in her eyes and her personality attributes. To start her composition, Mrs. Angelou states that she may not be thin just like fashion models but this lady has the self-confidence that ‘pretty' women may not have, saying her...


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