a deeper account about a guy attempting to convince society that he is certainly not useless

This novella can be an example of Mans struggle to preserve dignity in the face of adversity. This fisherman (Santiago) could have quickly given up resistant to the giant 18 foot marlin, but this individual could not stand going residence one more day being regarded as an aging failure by simply his friend and the other fishermen inside the village.

Ernest Hemingway relates this kind of novella to himself great life. During this tale, the old person cannot agree to the fact that he is receiving old and is slowly and gradually losing his strength. Tolstoy in reality was having the same problems. He was getting outdated, and points he once did, this individual no longer may do. Just like Hemingway wasn't able to accept that fact, nor could his character, Santiago. Santiago was having some inner issue while looking to catch the marlin. In several events, Santiago will try to discuss himself away of his pain;

" I need to hold his pain wherever it is, he thought. My own does not matter. I am able to control acquire. But his pain will drive him mad. " This pain Santiago was enduring was part of his struggle to maintain some dignity. Most importantly, Santiago (and Hemingway) could not give up.

When the fishes attack the fish, it's the same as the Sharks assaulting his pride. As the Sharks split up the marlin bit by bit, it truly is as they are shredding apart his dignity carefully. To Tolstoy, the pride of a person should be essential to that gentleman, that he can willing to perish for it. More than likely that is the reason Santiago went profound into that sea, following Marlin, shredding the skin away his hands as he kept on to that line. Finally, Santiago found the bravery to overcome sharks to safeguard his pride. If a man will never risk his life to get his dignity, then what is in that existence to live intended for?

The Man as well as the Sea deciphers man's regular battle with preserving the right to keep his mind up high. The old man, caught the Marlin after days and nights...


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