Chapter 7: The Helping/ Problem- Solving Procedure in Interpersonal Work SUMMARY:

Origin. 93. John Dewey's " The way we Think” explained what goes on a persons mind when ever confronted with a problem. The problem- solving actions are based on reflective thought that provides begin with a sensation of doubt or confusion. Interpersonal Work Construction. Helen Harris Perlman publisher of 'Social Casework: A Problem- Fixing Process', was considered as the originator from the problem- resolving framework. Dewey & Polya. Formulated steps in problem- solving process because applied in social operate. 1) Recognition/definition of the issue, and proposal with the client system; 2) Data collection

3) Examination of the condition;

4) Goal- setting and planning associated with an action;

5) Intervention/ undertaking of the actions;

6) Analysis; and

7) Termination.

The problem- solving process is essentially a intellectual process, a rational treatment involving a series of steps to always be followed sequentially. The social work supporting process is not only a intellectual process, professional values and ethical guidelines guide the client- worker marriage particularly in handling of feelings and attitudes that inevitably makes its way into the picture. Measures in the Cultural Work Supporting Process.

Starting Phase

1 ) Assessment- sociable diagnosis

a. Information/data gathering- principal source (the client), secondary sources (significant others), existing data (records/ reports, research, evaluation), worker's own declaration (community physical cond'xn, interactions) b. Initial contact(s) with client/ Intake- client initiates, referred (involuntary clients), reach- out c. Intake- procedure by w/c a potential customer achieves the status of any client; requires presenta'xn of self and prob. g. Defining the Problem- staff member n consumer must stipulate both meanings n acknowledge ordering the condition for operate ( host to beginning together) e. Producing an Examination Statement- starting casual declaration; change...


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