The new begins together with the discovery of a series of killers around the Payatas dumpsite in Quezon City. These discoveries imply that a serial fantastic is within the loose, and lots of are cause believe thus. What is unconventional about these tough cases is that all of the victims (young boys) are mutilated instead of just getting killed. Their very own faces are neatly peeled off from their skulls and their hearts and sex organs removed from all their bodies. Dad Emil, the parish priest of the region who finds one of the victim's bodies at the beginning of the first chapter, delivers these details to Jesuit priests Gus Saenz and Jerome Lucero, a forensic pathologist and a clinical psychologist respectively. The two scientists will work on this case together with the Countrywide Bureau of Investigation (NBI), whose inefficiency becomes one of the main themes of the novel. While the priests proceed together with the investigation, they can be forced to get over several problems, particularly skepticism and mocking of Atty. Ben Arcinas, the head of NBI's checking out team. Determining the programs and intentions of a psychologically disturbed fantastic, especially if your dog is very good at concealing it, is fairly tough. The sleuths go through several complicated changes in their quest to find real truth and justice amidst the media-hungry personas who don't give very much attention to the situation. The companions also work with Joanna Bonifacio, an examinative journalist who have uses her skills to collect information from the bureaucracy. Both the priests attacked the investigations of the criminal offenses, confirming all the evidences still left by the monster on the corpses especially the fact that he gets rid of with finely-detailed and with symbols: he defaces his victims, and excises the genitals. They will considered these types of signs that there is a sex conflict and a need to remove the personality of the youngsters. Throughout the middle part of the new, the readers get glimpses of the lives of the young patients and how their loved ones are affected by the...


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