Support the Health and Safety of Yourself and Individuals

• Ensure the own Actions support the Care, Security and Health and wellness of Individuals


The importance from the health and basic safety of yourself and persons in the process of dispensing proper care cannot be overemphasized. It forms the basis of care provision by creating awareness of potential hazards, just how best to stop or take care of these problems in applying care. The goal of every proper care rendered ought to be to maintain or improve life as much as possible rather than the opposite, therefore care ought to be rendered inside the safest possible way in the interest of all parties involved bringing into account the need of fairness, respect for individual and equal rights irrespective of each of our diverse cultures and life style.

In other for making this achievable in the health care industry particular governing rules has been introduced over the years at least level or perhaps standard of care acceptable. These legislations were collection, constantly reviewed and forced by the CQC.

It is very important that the carer needs to have these leading rules at the back of his or her brain before, during and after giving care.


Call one particular

Upon my personal arrival by his house, I clocked in to permit my workplace know that We am together with the mentioned customer, I cleaned my hands, dried them and put on my gloves. We exchanged hey there with the client, made sure that the lightening was good and shut the blinds/curtain to give him some sense of privacy, then I looked at his file to find out if there are any changes made to his care needs or risk assessment. My spouse and i quickly examined the environment to make certain there were not any hazards to me or the consumer as I worked towards accomplishing my process for a period of time.

I watched over the urine bottles simply by emptying, washing and putting them on the table taking care to avoid spillage even though the bathroom was pre-loaded with anti sprinkle accessory up coming to in which the client rests down inside the living room to enable him to have easy access to use these people during the course of your day. I transformed my gloves immediately to stop cross toxins from the urine waste. I obtained his water for physique wash all set and made this warm only the way he likes this and got his flannels, cleansing soap and waxing things ready as well. I normally employ two flannels for his wash, 1 for bottom area and the other for the remainder of the body. I actually also made ready his denture simply by cleaning these people out, after sterilising overnight, with electricity at the touch.

I asked the consumer if he is happy to include a slice this morning and also a positive response from him, and then I proceeded to shave him following wetting the shaving location with the shave foam. I then gave him a final cleaning off with the flannel and asked him if he can happy with the shave and got a positive opinions. As soon as I obtained a positive opinions I proceeded with his clean, started together with his face, cleaned out the eye region first due to sensitivity from the eyes then washed his cheek, the ears, mouth, and nose area and dried up them with a clean hand towel. I asked your customer again if perhaps he is cheerful or he wants any area repeated and got a positive feed in those days I extended by helping him to get undressed by taking away his t-shirt first, washed his back again, wiped this dry then simply washed his two hands, stomach region and armpit and easily wiped them dry out. As I cleaned from one portion of the body for the other I usually dipped the flannel in to the water to scrub off built up dirt to freshen the flannel for more washing.

At this stage I placed on the client's shirt to keep him warm and I asked him in the event that he is very happy to stand up i then got a positive response from him before I assisted him to fully stand up by increasing the height from the bed and putting his Zimmer frame in front of him for support. I also used my hand to support his lower central back as I prompted him to operate. On standing up, I asked him if he can stable and if I can at this point continue with all the rest of the rinse. On...


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