" When you are while old while me now, you will have similar opinions because me" - said my own mother whenever we had a incredible discussion. I can't know what she said. I thought very much about it and I realized that we have many distinctions. So what is definitely its cause? I think the primary cause is a generation gap.

" Generation gap" is a fantastic term used to explain the wide differences among members of younger generation and their older. A era gap is out there when old and more youthful people don't understand each other for their experiences, all their opinions, behaviors, behavior and life condition and normal. В

Era gap can easily exist between 2, possibly 3 generations in a family members, between mature and unmatured generations. There are always some breaks among people in 70's, 80's, 90's but the most well-liked generation gap is in family members.

Firstly, there are a few different opinions between father and mother and children of their career, education and love. People lived in this society usually think they have to arrange anything for their kids from choices primary institution to job, and then locating a wife or maybe a husband because of their small infants. Children practically can't decide what needs to be necessary for all of them. Children will continue to work the same careers as their father and mother. When parents were fresh, they don't have good condition do develop like now, so that they always wish their children to get the actual haven't received yet. Occasionally they don't think what their children want, what their children think. Everyone knows father and mother expect the best thing for their daughters and kids. There are many points children wish but their parents think all those are needless. They no longer explain so why children need but father and mother don't. That produces misunderstanding besides making gaps. Building family is an important thing in peoples' lives. Mom and dad are afraid of the very fact that youngsters can find a fantastic husband or wife or not. Today life changed, some elements have altered, those make some lifestyle change. If parents used...


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