Organization description and demographics:

" Fight Being hungry, Feed Hope” was the slogan of the business we performed the offer at, and it name was " Food Lender of the Rockies”. It is a charitable trust company with headquarter in Denver and a branch in Wyoming right now. According to the annual report of Food Bank, all their mission was " We will end hunger by simply efficiently acquiring and releasing food and essentials towards the hungry through our programs and spouse agencies. ” According to the information from the Colorado government website, this company acquired 6 applications which were " Fight Being hungry Feed Hope”, " FBR's Mobile Kitchen Program”, " FBR's Diet Network”, " Denver's Table Food Recovery Program”, " Government-Subsidized Food Programs” and " Volunteers” program. And the budgets pertaining to the outlined programs were $14, 840, 600, $46, 259, $1, 905, 480, $219, 885, $508, 704, and $0 respectively. Persons and agencies could give foods, time through the website. For every you dollars that they received, they can use zero. 96 us dollars on foods which was regarding 4-5 foods of food. The customers they dished up contained Adults, Aging/Senior People, Children and Youth, Poor/Economically Disadvantaged and Single Father and mother. For your data got right up until 2013, this organization could deliver 106, 251 foods per day coming from 2009-2013. Likewise, according to the info from the The state of colorado government site, " FBR has a personnel of 77 employees in Denver, eight in Wyoming, and three or more on the American Slope. Also FBR includes a pool of more than 9, 000 volunteers. FBR's Board of Directors consist of 21 men and women who offer their time and expertise. ” Contact information: website:

Services Activities:

Each of our seven several hours of volunteer were primarily did job in the reclamation workshop of Food Traditional bank. Our work could split into three parts and which are: washing, assorting and packaging. For cleaning component, since the foods were range from markets or perhaps private donations, most of the...


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